Wedding Bands Scotland Recommend – Choosing The Right One For A Small Wedding

Wedding bands Scotland recommend the right one for a friend or family member and you can help make their big day memorable for all the right reasons. But, what is the best type of band to recommend for a small wedding, and what do you need to take into account when making this decision?

A small wedding generally will involve a smaller venue and fewer people. The reception may take place in a hired room of a pub or social club rather than in a hotel or purpose built wedding venue. The size and type of venue make a difference for several reasons. To begin with, different venues will have different licencing laws with respect to opening hours and noise levels. If the room the reception is being held in is adjacent to the main room of the pub or club, then you may need to keep the music quieter than you would in a bigger venue. You may also need wedding bands Scotland that are willing to start earlier, do afternoon sets, or create a shorter set for the occasion. Space is your next consideration. A small venue means less space for guests and for the band. With this in mind, you may be better with a small band, solo artist, or duo than with a full five or six-piece band. You may also want to consider acoustic musical entertainment, as this will involve less equipment. As with any size wedding, communication is key. Finding the right wedding bands Glasgow for your small wedding is easier if you are clear about your needs from the outset.

For smaller venues wedding bands Scotland recommend Wedding Bands Glasgow. We can tailor our music, band size, and equipment to suit the number of people and the type of venue you are hiring. To see our small wedding options, visit or give us a call on 07590693127 to discuss your needs.