Trinity Wedding Bands – Choosing The Music For Your Reception

Trinity wedding bands will cover a wide range of music from several different genres. Of course, you are not going to like or want all of it; but just how do you choose what live entertainment you do have when you and your guests have such diverse tastes?

Differences of opinion and even arguments are nothing new when it comes to organising such an event. Everything from the colour of the flowers to the order of service and the jewellery you wear will raise at least one objection from those who are trying to help you organise. The music and songs that you want your wedding bands Scotland to play are likely to be no exception to this difference of opinion. The key to choosing songs for your reception is to tailor them to fit the different stages of the event as much as to personal taste. If you are having the band play during the meal, or as your guests arrive, you might want to add an acoustic set of Scottish or Irish folk songs. As the evening party gets started, you will want something more upbeat that people can dance to. This is where you might consider adding a ceilidh set, especially if you have wedding bands Glasgow that can call out the dances. If this is not your type of thing, then try to go for types of songs that the majority of your guests will enjoy and can have a boogie to. Towards the end of the set, you might want to get the band to slow things down and include some couples’ dances. And don’t forget, there is your first dance to consider as well.

At Wedding Bands Glasgow, we understand how important your choice of music is to add to the overall theme of your special day. We will work with you and even learn your first dance song. This is what sets us apart from other Trinity wedding bands. Check out our different playlist options at