Trinity Wedding Band – The Best For Your First Dance

Trinity wedding band choices for your reception, and especially your first dance, are plentiful. But, given that the first dance is the highlight of the reception for the bride and groom, you want to know that the band you choose will make this part extra special. Ask these questions before you make your final band choice.

Before you even start approaching wedding bands Edinburgh, you need to make some decisions about your first dance. Are you going for a traditional slow dance? Are you considering something completely different? Do you have a favourite Scottish song that you want incorporated in some way? Once you have a reasonable idea of what you are looking for, it is time to start searching wedding bands Scotland for the right music performers for your needs. The key is to approach each live band with the basic ideas that you have decided on and see what they can do to achieve your vision. Don’t just take ‘yes we can’ as an answer, ask how they will do this. Some bands will be quite willing learn the song you have chosen; although you need to be aware that it will most likely be their interpretation of the song rather than a carbon copy. Others may be able to offer you a song writing service, where they take things that are important to you and incorporate them into a bespoke song to be performed just for you. While it may be tempting to leave this as a surprise for the day, it is probably a better idea to ask to hear the music and vocals performed before you get up to dance to it the first time.

A bespoke song written just for your event is just one of the fantastic little extras that set Wedding Bands Glasgow apart from other any other Trinity wedding band. To find out more about our song writing service and the other ways we can make your day extra special, visit