Portobello Wedding Band – Musical Accompaniment To Your Meal

Portobello wedding band options include those that can provide musical entertainment during your sit down meal. However, if you are going to consider this option, it is important that you hire carefully. Here are just some of the things you might want to take into account.

The first thing to consider is whether there is space for you to have all the musicians present during your meal. You will need to liaise with the venue to make this decision. If the full band is not feasible, ask the wedding bands Scotland if it is possible for a couple of performers to be present during the meal element of the function. The next consideration is the type of music that you want to showcase. A full electric set may be a little loud, and will definitely stifle dinner conversation. A vocal set is one possibility, but could be a waste if no one is actually listening to the singer. A third option is an acoustic instrumental set. This will provide the atmosphere you want while not being overwhelming to listen to or lost in the conversation. The next decision you need to make is how long you want the artists to perform; taking into account that they will be part of the evening celebrations as well. You could opt for the time of the full meal or simply have them start playing live as the meal draws to a close and people are starting to relax over their desserts and coffees. Whatever you are considering, ensure that you talk openly to the wedding bands Edinburgh or Glasgow that you approach and the venue you are using.

One Portobello wedding band that can offer instrumental and acoustic sets in Scotland to accompany your meal is The House Band at Wedding Bands Glasgow. To see more info on the band, and the styles of music that we can offer, visit http://weddingbandsglasgow.com/ without delay.