Live Wedding Band Scotland Or A DJ For Your Reception – Which Is Best?

Live wedding band Scotland or DJ is an argument that can go on for hours and get rather heated at times. Everyone has their own preference. But, what is the outcome of the question if you look at it in terms of things like value for money, ease of booking, and the all-important first dance?

Both wedding bands Scotland and quality DJs take work to find. You need to have a similar approach to both, including listening to their work. A bad sound system is just as bad as a poor singer. Each will have a range of songs at their disposal, and the ability to add to this collection. So far it would seem there is little to choose between them. However, when it comes to value for money, the wedding bands Glasgow start to leap in front. There is a great deal of talent and time that needs to go into a high-quality band, and this is reflected in the cost. While a DJ is cheaper, you don’t get the range that you do with a band. A musician can provide you with incidental and background music, as well as a disco at the end of the night. A DJ, on the other hand, cannot suddenly perform live for you with a full set of instruments. Possibly most important is the effect of both on the first dance. With a DJ, you get to choose the song. However, with the right live musicians, you can have a different interpretation of a song, so that it is personalised to you; or even your own song written, and performed for you on the night.

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