Edinburgh Wedding Band – Musical Choices To Keep Your Guests Happy

Edinburgh wedding band choice is not just about the music you and your new spouse want to hear. It is also about the enjoyment of all those that you have invited to your event. Given that it is impossible to please everyone, how do you choose tunes that will keep the majority of your invitees happy?

While it is not the easiest task in the world to choose a set list for such a diverse group of people, it is easier when you have a fantastic Scottish band. One of the reasons for this is that people are more likely to want to sit and listen to live compositions than they are recorded tunes from a DJ. This means that even if they can’t or won’t dance, they are still engaged. When it comes to genre, you and your spouse do, of course, need to like the choices that are made. They may not be your favourites, but there is little point in hating the entertainment at your own function. How close you get the music played by wedding bands Scotland to the likes of your guests will depend in part on how well you know your guests. If you know what the majority of them like, you can choose the band and the set list accordingly. If you don’t, then it is probably best to get your wedding bands Edinburgh to stick to mainly middle of the road choices that are not likely to upset anyone. If the band provides a disco at the end of the night, then this widens the variety and may give guests the opportunity to request their own favourite songs.

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